Categoria: KIngdom Recuperavit

Eggo – Sebastian Aumer– (Germany)

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description The ‘eggo!’ stool uses recycled pieces of egg shell. 70% of the structure incorporates the material The furniture piece is fully decomposable as it is made from casein, vinegar and starch. The eggs shells were collected from local bakeries, which would have otherwise thrown away. The project can be colored in multiple ways Continua

Blood Bricks -Munro Studio– (UK)

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Animal blood was for a long time the main source of natural glue before the advent of synthetic glues. This research project explores the possibility of creating a new architectural material by using waste animal blood as a binding agent to solidify sand. Basic Ingredients Animal Blood Contact MUNRO STUDIO Unit Continua

The Fabric Project– Valentina Maino – (Italy)

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description A material created by drying clothes in a dryer. For this project, the designer performs an investigation into the possibilities of shaping the material. During the standard daily procedure of maintaining the various self-service laundries, it is common to find a wool-like matter of 20 centimeters in diameter on average. After a Continua

ReSurface– Helga Aversa – (Italy)

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) is the standard material suitable to construct large-scale boats, canoes and other means for navigation. Unlike what happens to other means of transportation like automobiles, when the ships are no longer used, they are dumped or abandoned on the coast or the beaches, and many of them Continua