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Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description Refruit Ya Xiao (China), Lilach Pomerantz (Israel), Elena Sophia Di Giacinto (Italy). Robust and flexible material with a different level of roughness on each side. Colorful patterns occur by using fruits with contrasting colors. The sustainable material feature comes thanks to the fact that it gives the fruit a second life after Read More

Veggie Paper

Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description Veggie paper Mikaella Chrysostomou (Cyprus), Aysu Sani (Turkey), Panayiota Vasileiadou (Cyprus), Xiaodan Yang (China). The cellulose ingredients and the fibers which compose vegetables are the main ingredients of these materials. Mainly fibers from banana, celery, and spinach. WIth the same techniques used to create DIY recycled paper, these designers obtained a homogeneous Read More


Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description GreeNet Helga Aversa (Italy), Aysecan Ertin (Turkey), Muyun Wang (China), Simona Bettoni (Italy). Is a material developed using celery fibers. The filament of the vegetable most of the time is unpleasant and is removed while cooking. Here the designers extract those fibers and let them dry. By twisting them like any other Read More


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Marbile Ioanna Oikonomou (Greece), Yudan Yang (China), Marta Ziminska (Poland), Marina Psimikaki (Greece). Marbile is a material made out of textile structures that looks hard and dense but is surprisingly soft, it has sufficient flexibility to bow under pressure, and will not shatter if dropped. Blending different cotton threads result in exciting Read More

Butts Bunny

Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Butts Bunny Carolina Giorgiani (Italy), Jinan Jezzini (Romania), Davide Mosito (Italy). A semi-translucent material with a certain degree of flexibility depending on the number of butts inside it. It can also be colored with different natural ingredients. The material aims to be a provocation for a different use of a huge problem: Read More


Kingdom: Animale. //Description Gelawool Alexandra Bell (Australia), Angela Muñoz Correa (Colombia), Carolin Winandi (Germany), Francesca Queirolo (Chile). It is a flexible non-stretch material. It has a smooth surface while also giving the illusion of a wool texture. It can be molded into different shapes and thicknesses. “Gelawool” can be created using a gelatin mixture, combined Read More


Kingdom: Animale. //Description Porcaria Gabriela Machado da Silva Lima (Brazil), Liping Ren (China), Luisa Hiromi Yatsu Simon (Brazil), Zheng Manlin (China). The material is developed to change pigskin’s properties and appearance, aiming to eliminate people’s prejudice against it. To begin is necessary to remove the fat of the skin and boil it until it’s entirely Read More


Kingdom: Recuperavit. //Description Agrumiscela Isabel Román (Spain), Qianni Chen (China), Beatriz Torre (Spain), Danfeng Gu (China). A colorful material, with an agreeable aroma of citrus fruits, created from light and malleable, dry and semi-translucent skin of the lime, lemon, clementine, pomelo and bergamotto fruits. This material borns from the idea of analyzing the consumption of Read More

It’s Never to Lat(t)e

Kingdom: Animale. //Description It’s never to lat(t)e Dicle Aslan (Turkey), Dinullah Bayu Ibrahim (Indonesia), Yizhuo Shao (China), Betül Ünal  (Turkey). The main ingredient is the expired milk. After milk is cooked with cornstarch, vinegar, glycerol, it can be formed with the desired shape and texture by using various surfaces. While it dries, the material naturally Read More